Company Presentation

InterDialogue Business is a company, that specialises in advisory engagement for the businessman and investors, so that they could run their business in Europe.

Nowadays, qualified advisory and legal services are of great significance, especially concerning affairs related to the specific challenges of running business abroad. Our company is ready to support your business and become a dedicated  partner in achieving every business target in Europe.

We are highly qualified professionals, have a solid team and function as a“right-hand man” in different work areas and concerning legal procedures. We have a great deal of experience not only in terms of business-related questions, but also in questions of cooperation with governments. 

Our Services

As businessmen with great experience, we share this with you and assist you in founding companies abroad.We help in organizing business processes of companies that operate within the European market and counsel business abroad. We offer consultation on the issue of obtaining a residence permit or all-year residence in EU countries and the purchase and sale of real estate.

Our strong points

Our major strong point is experience.The founders,analysts and partners of “Inter Dialogue Business” are all experienced businessmen.

Due to the fact, that all members of our team have deep knowledge of foreign legal systems,markets and trends, we are able to supply services related to the registration of new companies and purchasing of a ready-made businesses with maximum efficiency, under time pressure and in full conformity with the personal interests of our client..

Our clients

We can form the utmost effective team for your business, analyse potential, identify risks and  enhance the quality of the executing tasks. We will accommodate your business with investors and franchises if needed.

Many years ago we decided to start business in Europe. We faced plenty of difficulties at the very beginning, and a lack of understanding of the issues which are different for businesses in Russia as compared to businesses in Europe affected our work during the first couple of years.

However, whilst constantly accumulating knowledge, we have gained unique experience, which allows us to do business in the EU with maximum efficiency and to find better alternatives for capital formation and  capital maintenance.

All of our experts have  executive experience and we are ready to share this experience with you. 

Laziz Vagaev,
President & CEO

We are always open for collaboration -- let’s work together!

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